Morrigana Casta

A dark beauty who wields political power, a data-loom, and a power sword with equal capability and deadly efficiency.


Appearing far younger than her 85 years, the blue-black lenses of her cybernetic eyes glitter with knowledge and the secrets she holds.

Her dark brown hair stands in stark contrast to her skin, which is pale to the point of near-white; the slightly plastic sheen from her embedded voidskin adding to her haunting beauty.

With a high, black mesh coif covering the back of her head and neck, concealing her cyber-mantle and rebreather implants, and dressed in clinging body-glove armour beneath a long red-black dress, she looks almost like a delicate noble. The effect only marred by the power rapier hanging in an ornate sheath at her waist, as elegant as it is deadly.


Born to a noble family on a world deep within the Imperium, Morrigana was indoctrinated by the Adeptus Mechanicus at an early age after her abilities with technology were identified by the Ecclesiarchy. A brilliant and gifted pupil, she was able to become intimate with many ancient and rare technologies which turned her talent into a lust for knowledge. This access came at a price however, the short-sighted and repressive regime of the Cult of Mars stifling her, and eventually leading her to come to despise the Ecclesiarchy that had removed her from her home.

She was able to contain her growing displeasure long enough to impress the right superiors within the order, and when the opportunity to become an Explorator was presented, she grasped it with both hands. Morrigana saw it, not just as an opportunity to seek out and examine advanced ancient technology across the universe, but also to escape from the rigidity of the order. She wasted no time in travelling to the far edges of the Imperium, fleeing its influence into the chaotic fringe existence of the Koronos Expanse.

Since then she has threaded the edge of known space, indulging her passion for more powerful and advanced technologies, eventually coming to settle in the trade hub of the Holan Yah System where she found a particularly useful source in the guise of an old fortune teller, Mesra Machae, plying her trade on Turris Caeli. Her trade provided unprecedented access to the whispered tales of travellers and from them, clues to promising sources of Archeotech and Xenos technology. When her source fell ill and died, Morrigan siezed the opportunity to step into her shoes, paying the the woman the deepest respect she could as an Adeptus Mechanicus, by taking her as a Servitor.

She has since become a powerful Info-Broker known across the sector as “The Morrigan”, using the wealth gained from obtaining and selling the secrets of others to not only obtain Archeotech and Xenotech for her own studies, but to also augment her body with cybernetics, slowing her aging and extending her abilities in the process.

Morrigana will enlighten those seeking information for a price or favour. If it’s high enough she may even stretch herself, using her access to information, powers of logic and deduction, to seemingly divine the future.

No matter the outcome however, visitors to her chambers on the Turris Caeli rarely get the better end of a deal than she does.


The Turris Caeli (The Spire of Heaven) trading station and shipyard, Orbit of planet Luthien (Designation: P5C-336), Holan Yah System


None on record. She is accompanied only by her two faithful retainers, Machae (an old woman) and Nemanja (a young girl).

Morrigana Casta

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